Regulatory and Compliance

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Regulatory and Compliance

Jade Health Care Medical Group is fully committed to ensuring that the Compliance Program is fully implemented, is effective, and becomes a part of daily business operations. Jade Health Care Medical Group is committed to provide training to each employee, consultant and in-network provider about the Compliance Program, and their roles in (1) preventing, detecting, and correcting non-compliant practices with CMS programs (Medicare Advantage and Medi-Cal); and (2) in the prevention, detection, and correction of instances of any fraud, waste, and/or abuse in Jade Health Care Medical Group's related products, as well as in its other products and areas.

If you need to report any suspected Fraud, Waste or Abuse, Privacy or Security activity, please fill out the report form and submit it back Jade Health Care Medical Group's Compliance Dept:

Noncompliance - Fraud Report Form (PDF)

Compliance Hotline – Confidential
Phone Number: 1-628-228-2720